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Mr. Zouhaier Marrakchi, Manager de la journée mondiale de la qualité invité du « Process improvement Japan ».

Le 29 Août 2016

Process Improvement Japan had the opportunity to ask Mr. Zouhaier MARRAKCHI some questions leading up to the World Quality Day Conference 2016.
PIJ: The World Quality Day Conference held in Tunisia has now been running for 7 consecutive years. What inspired you to commence such an ambitious undertaking?
M. Marrakchi: In my country, we have been celebrating National Quality Day since 1990. We used to invite local lecturers and focused on topics relating to our economic conditions. Moreover, every year, we awarded the top three companies in Tunisia who demonstrated excellence in quality standards. In 2010, I thought about organizing an international event dealing with international topics and hosting international lecturers. Now this is the world quality day which we organize annually on the second Thursday of November. We have been doing this since 2010.
PIJ: Last year, Kozo SAKANO had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the conference. What perspective or insights was he able to provide that was of value to the conference participants?
M. Marrakchi: Kozo SAKANO made a buzz last year. Though he had planned to make his lectures in the afternoon, people attended till the end. The title of his lecture was “The Key to Toyota`s Strength”. He emphasized the point that when it comes to quality and process optimization, relationships are key. Relationships with customers, amongst staff members and with suppliers. Consumer delight and profitability are not just a matter of economics and optimization. These elements are vitally important, but to energize and ensure high performance of people and systems, relationships must be factored in. He explained Toyota`s improvement methodology undertaken, as well as, how relationships are fostered in order to invigorate the company and ensure total participation in the successful development of the business.
PIJ: How can international guests benefit by attending the World Quality Day Conference 2016? What is your vision for this year`s conference?
M. Marrakchi: The presence of international guests is important in animating our world quality day and in presenting their experience. We invited since 2010, Djenidi BEN DAOUD and Souad LARBAOUI from ALGERIA, Fredj MANSOUR, Jean Paul CASSAR and Christophe VILLALONGA from FRANCE, David HUTCHINS and Charles CORRIE from GREAT BRITAIN, Yoshito HIRABAYASHI and Koso SAKANO from JAPAN. We will organize for the seventh successive year the World Quality Day which will be held in Thursday 10 of November 2016 in Tunis, Hotel El Mouradi Gammarth 5 * under the topic: “Quality Management: Good Governance to Operational Excellence.”
PIJ: What do you see has Tunisia`s future presence on the world stage?
M. Marrakchi: We are really thinking about internationalizing our activities. In fact, we are underway to make partnerships with many international and national bodies dealing with quality among them QUALINOVE FRANCE and Process Improvement Japan. Some countries asked us to organize their world quality day.

Madame Angela M. CORRIERO,
Co- Fondateur et directrice de Process Improvement Japan,

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